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Who We Are

Pierre Girard: A professional track-record in the maritime and fishing fields allied to wide-ranging skills in the satellite business (operators and service types).

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Late 1990s: CTO, then Exports Director with AgroMarchesInternationaux:

Jean Jacques Mennillo Render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s: A big thank-you to Jean-Jacques Menillo, my boss at the time and with whom these ideas took shape...

Development of IT tools for the Halles à Marée de Pêche, known as “the fish market” because the sale of fish was done by auction, either rising or falling. Today, in France and most European countries, sale by auction has become electronic.

Below, the “salesmobile” with display board showing the batches for sale.


Jean Jacques Mennillo.

Before being sold the crates of fish were weighed. This led us to creating an interactive weighing terminal (IWT) connected to the fish market’s computer network with a printer for sales receipts.

Early 2000s: CEO of the ADICIO company, created with a former employee from AgroMarchesInternationaux :

1) Development and marketing of a software package called IKTUS with online DATAPECHE for the management of on-board fishing hauls brought to land.

2) Participation in the Secure and Harmonised European and Electronic Logbook, setting the technical specifications for the future Electronic Logbook which would replace the paper logbook.

3) An attempt at developing the traceabilty functions of fish market batches using the Radio Frequency Identification Device (RFID  ).

Partnership with Scanology and Urk Fish Market, both Dutch companies.

RFID   using UHF gives a greater reading distance (2 to 5m) than it does using HF (less than 1m).

It wasn’t until 2015, ten years later, that UHF RFID technology was able to weather the environment of the seas and salinity and give more accessible unitary prices.

Late 2000s: buy-out of my ADICIO SAS company by the CLS group (Collecte Localisation Satellite – subsidiary of the CNES) the objective being to mark out a position for the implementation of the Electronic Recording and Reporting System for a business world more oriented toward satellites than to fisheries.

Complementary briefs :
- Sounding out these markets for the fishing fleets of the Mediterranean basin and then of the Persian Gulf.
- Developing monitoring and identification solutions for home-grown fisheries in Africa, bringing in an innovation using RFID technologies known as “number plates for dugouts”.


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