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African western coast is, since 2015, till 2023 and over, the theater of oil & gas major offshore discovering and future exploitations.

Actually huge oilfield and one similar gas field were discovered in these waters: SANGOMAR gas field offshore Senegal waters and Grand Tortue Ahmeyim (GTA) oilfield offshore in common waters between Senegal and Mauritania.

Above oil and gas economic topics, we feel concern by fishing activities (large and small) in rigs and FPSO areas. Issues are:

- Trawlers (mainly Chinese, Spanish or Russian) fishing in these waters where deep trawls may hook under surface pipes.
- Canoes fishing in these waters despite prohibition. Moreover, supply or prospection vessels sailing day and night between coast and offshore sites occur unfortunately accidents and live lossesat sea.

In order to ensure the best survey of these fishing zones, we did propose a complete set of solutions, so named SNRA.

SNRA (Secure Navigation around Rigs & FPSO Areas) consists in:

- Sets of two specific (ATEX compliant) Radars installed onboard rigs with coastal management software, in order to detect large vessels sailing on zone.
- Specific satellite transponder to detect and localize small wooden made canoes which are more or less invisible for Radar or even cameras.
- Both tracks are displayed on rig and on a data-center onshore.

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