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Fields of Expertise: surveillance tools for fishing (Vessel Monitoring System, Fishing Monitoring Centre, Automatic Identification System, and Electronic Recording and Reporting System)

These tools are known as “collaborative” because their use depends on the goodwill of the fisherman who can decide whether or not to leave them working on electricity.
They contrast normally to the “non-collaborative” tools which are satellites having the ability to “see” ships, whether the latter want it or not...

VMS (Vessel Monitoring System)

« Le VMS » Created in Europe in the early 2000s, it is one of the tools for surveillance and information (...)

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ERS (Electronic Recording and Reporting System)

The fishing logbook remains, outside Europe, often in paper form. The transition from paper to electronic logbook (...)

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AIS (Automatic Identification System)

L’AIS = Automatic Identification System, and also Anti-Collision As its name suggests, AIS allows for the (...)

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FMC (Fishing Monitoring Center)

VMS data sent by fishing ships are transmitted to a collection, processing and backup center, known as FMC , in (...)

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