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FMC (Fishing Monitoring Center)

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VMS   data sent by fishing ships are transmitted to a collection, processing and backup center, known as FMC  , in theory by a state.

The national FMC   must be able to communicate with other FMCs.

It must integrate:
- a high-performance GIS: (Geographic Information System) with calculation of distances, definition of zones and ETA   (Estimated Time of Arrival)
- a database to record ships’ data (ID  , MMSI  ,IMO  , owner, type of fishing, licences, etc)
- data-reporting and data-management
- an alerts management system (alerts system: erroneous recording in the future...)
- technical alerts: GPS loss, dome opening, aerial disconnected, etc)
- ship functioning alerts: zone of entry/exit, ZEE   (Exclusive Economic Zone) or port, speed in zone, etc)


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